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Robust robotic and security resources are changing in both areas at quantum speed. Robolliance is here as your one-stop information center when it comes to the conversation surrounding robotics for security and surveillance.

Technology can be as much exciting as it is disruptive. Learn and empower yourself in know-how about the nascent field of autonomous robots and their utilization in industry and everyday life.

Below you'll find the Robolliance white papers, latest industry news, and our newsletter. Each offer unique perspectives. Need to find out even more . . . Check out useful links to some other robust robotic and security resources we mentioned.

White Papers

Read about the changes sweeping the Autonomous Robotics marketplace.

  • Volume 1 – Issue 1

    Change is coming to the security workplace and achieving the benefits of those changes will not be automatic. Companies can implement sustainable changes within their workforce as part of a long-range operational plan, and share some best practices for managing those changes. Jobs will change, roles will shift, and different departments that rarely worked with each other before will need to become allies. The challenge facing companies today is how change can be sustained.

  • Volume 1 – Issue 2

    Robots come in many shapes and sizes. What once was only in our imaginations, Robotic Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) are now coming into the mainstream of business, science and the military. These UGVs or Robot Vehicles are gaining acceptance due to their adaptability, cost effective operations, secure communication transmissions and focus on safety. In the security sector, UGVs can be used to supplement manpower patrolling and extend remote monitoring capabilities.

  • Volume 1 – Issue 3

    Public, private, and government facilities face growing threats from safety and security concerns caused by potential theft, fire, biological and nuclear dangers, and terrorism. These groups are seeking ways to use technology as a safety and security force multiplier, alleviate rising costs, address safety issues, and maximize their efforts to respond as intelligence changes in the field, while also minimizing risks to their employees, buildings, and public safety.

RoboFYI newsletter

RoboFYI is a newsletter publication dedicated to what’s happening in the Autonomous Robotics marketplace today

  • Welcome to RoboFYI, the Robolliance newsletter that highlights trends and topics with particular relevance to the security robotics community. In this issue, we turn our focus toward standards, and the organizations that govern them, as we examine the valuable role each are playing in support of our growing industry.

  • RoboFYI frequently explores fresh ideas and rapid advancements for the autonomous robotics marketplace. We strive to better understand many different forms of robotics integration as they relate to the security industry and our theme this issue is change management. Companies need to be prepared for dangers never thought about before in the workplace.

  • Kids are naturally curious. Summer camps like the ones discussed in this issue of RoboFYI just weren’t around when most of us were growing up. Exciting learning opportunities like these enable young students to explore math, science and technology, as well as enjoy teamwork activities and engineering challenges without even knowing they are learning.

Robolliance News
Unmanned Security Expo

Robolliance Experts On-Hand for ISC West 2017 "Unmanned Security Expo" April 5 - 7 in Las Vegas

Unmanned Security Expo

Robolliance Proudly Supports ISC West 2017 Inaugural “Unmanned Security Expo” April 5 – 7 in Las Vegas

press release

Robolliance Introduces Inaugural Slate of Technology Sponsors

Top-Tier Alliance Around Autonomous Robotics for Security and Surveillance


Sharp Electronics Corporation Announces Robolliance at PSA TEC 2016

Sharp Electronics Corporation, founding sponsor of the Robolliance program


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