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The Role of Drones in Tree Care

Article written by John Wickes, Vice President at Wickes/arborists, Robolliance Expert

One of the main purposes for Robolliance is to expand one’s mind to the applications robots can have. In my profession, I am experiencing robotics’ impact and its ability to transform how my industry does business.



Robots to Make Farm Work a 24/7 Business

Article written by Henry Lenard, reporting for Robotics Business Review, Robolliance Expert

Specialty crop farmers toil from dawn to dusk in their fruit orchards, but they may soon have robot companions to make that work a 24/7 proposition. “Once the technology becomes fairly turnkey and well integrated and growers realize the productivity and profitability ...



The Bark is No Worse From the Byte

Article written by John Wickes, Vice President of sales at Wickes Arborists, Robolliance Expert

Like robots are hitting the security scene today, arborist saw the entry of the personal and portable computer, and a device called a sonic tomograph. Professor Roy F. Pellrin took the concept of the woodpecker, looking for insects, and created sensors, that could be attached to a tree.



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