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As you know, Robolliance is a forum for technology partners and industry experts in robotics, surveillance and security to advance the understanding and awareness of the Autonomous Robotics marketplace.

Robolliance founding sponsor, Sharp Electronics, is continuously seeking experts to enlighten our followers, subscribers and fellow sponsors. Whether you have a legal, military, government, law enforcement, academic, insurance or industry trade perspective, Robolliance may be a place to showcase your thought leadership.

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Meet the Experts

  • David Antar

    David Antar is President of IPVideo Corporation, a manufacturer of network-based video technology solutions. With over 30 years experience in the technology and security industries, he is recognized as a visionary leader

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  • Bill Bozeman, CPP
    Bill Bozeman is President and CEO of PSA Security Network, the world’s largest electronic security cooperative. PSA integrators are responsible for over $2 billion dollars of electronic security
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  • Mark Brodie
    Mark I. Brodie’s career in broadcast television and video production spans over 35 years. For the last ten years, he has been President and Director of films for MiB Mediaworks LLC, which provides media consultation, video production, and training services to major corporations.

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  • Mufit Ferman
    A. Mufit Ferman received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electronics and communication engineering from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Istanbul, Turkey, in 1993 and 1995, respectively, and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Rochester
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  • Scott Goldfine
    Scott Goldfine is Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher of Security Sales & Integration, directing all editorial aspects of the magazine brand in print, electronically, online and in person.
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  • Cynthia Hetherington
    Cynthia Hetherington, President of the Hetherington Group, has more than 20 years of experience in research, investigations and corporate intelligence. Cynthia is one of the most respected online investigators
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  • Brian Higgins
    Brian Higgins is founder and president of Group 77, a security and public safety consulting firm. He has over 30 years of combined military and civilian law enforcement experience
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  • Basil Jesudason
    Basil Jesudason is the Principal Engineer and the Software Lead of the current Sharp Autonomous Development Project at SLA (Sharp Labs of America). He develops software and algorithms for autonomous vehicles and works with a team of software engineers
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  • Todd Kleperis

    Todd Kleperis is CEO of Hardcar Security based in California. Hardcar is a technology leader in the transportation of product and protection of locations related to the medical cannabis industry. Hardcar has a focus on replacing security guards with robotics, along with using threat detection software to reduce client risk across the entire enterprise.

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  • Dr. Komsuoglu
    Dr. Komsuoglu is a robotics expert and entrepreneur with over 19 years of research, development and start-up experience. Focusing on biologically inspired high-performance mobility and high-dexterity manipulation systems
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  • Mark Kopec
    Mark Kopec has over 35 years of experience as a consultant on projects for the United States Department of Defense, Department of Energy, State Department and Homeland Security as well as many private companies
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  • Greg Louks
    Greg Louks is a graduate of the West Point Class of 1988, where he was the First Captain and Brigade Commander of the United States Corps of Cadets. Upon graduating, he received the Pershing Sword and the Knox Trophy, given to the highest ranking cadet
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  • Brian Maffitt

    Brian Maffitt is a renowned educator in the field of motion graphics and special effects. His company Total Training, has been teaching computer graphics skills to customers since 1997. A software designer, Brian has developed plugins

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  • William Marshall
    BG William J. Marshall III, USA (Retired) is a distinguished dual-career public servant with a 29-year span in law enforcement while simultaneously maintaining his membership for more than 35 years in the New Jersey National Guard (NJNG)
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  • John Nagy
    John Nagy joined Andrews International when Andrews International acquired his company, Nagy Protection Services, in November 2007. As a prior Senior Vice President of the Andrews International West, Nagy’s responsibilities include oversight of the region as well as anti-piracy operations.

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  • Louis Noriega
    Louis Noriega’s info tech career spans over 34 years, with the last three years as President of Automated Port Solutions (APS) which provides Management Consulting, Operational, Physical Security and Technology Planning and Design services
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  • Bob Norris
    Dr. William R. (Bob) Norris is an innovator with over 18 years of senior executive experience in high tech businesses as both an intrepreneur and a serial entrepreneur. As an intrepreneur at John Deere, Bob’s focus was on the development and introduction of robotics products
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  • Ramesh Ratan

    Ramesh Ratan is CEO and member of the board of directors of Bell and Howell, a leading global provider of multi-channel communications and commerce solutions. He is also a member of the board of directors of BCC Software LLC, a Versa Capital company.

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  • Joseph Ricevuto
    Joseph Ricevuto, after working 30-years in industry solutions marketing for AT&T, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Compaq, established One to One Marketing as a marketing services company 
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  • Todd Rigby

    Todd Rigby is a Director of Sales at Rajant Corporation. Todd’s proven leadership in technology distribution includes more than 20 years of experience in the Mining, Heavy Construction, Wireless Telecommunications, and Oil & Gas industries.

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  • Robotics Business Review (RBR) provides business intelligence for the global robotics industry. Members enjoy exclusive insights into global news, tracking of financial transactions, analysis of new technologies.
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  • Robotics Trends is the only media brand exclusively devoted to robotics for the consumer market. Readers include engaged early adopters of robotics technology, who are actively seeking inspiration.
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  • Natasha-Walkowicz-Shea
    Natasha Walkowicz Shea, an educator with extensive expertise in charter and alternative curriculum schools, is the Hudson Valley P-TECH Program’s Principal. Walkowicz Shea has experience with alternative school programs and charter school startups.
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  • Jay Stack

    As founder and president of IGM Creative Group, Jay Stack brings extensive management, marketing and development experience.  He has spent 30 years in engineering B2B marketing plans

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  • Mel Torrie

    Mel W. Torrie, M.S. is a founder and Chief Executive Officer of Autonomous Solutions Inc. (ASI) in Logan, Utah. Prior to founding ASI 16 years ago, Mr. Torrie worked at Utah State University where he managed two NASA Space Shuttle payloads.

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  • Greg Tucker
    Greg Tucker is the Senior Product Manager of the Sharp Robotics Business Division (SRBD). He coordinates market requirements research, specification planning and product development 
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  • Ed Verbraak
    Ed Verbraak is a Principle Engineer at Orange & Rockland Utilities. For over 28 years, he has worked in the electric utility industry most recently in the area of reliability engineering.
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  • John Wickes
    John W. Wickes is a professionally trained Tree and Landscape Consultant. He has been continuously engaged in his field of expertise since 1983. Originally, he was trained as an Orchard Worker and then Orchard Manager.
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  • Jack Wu

    Jack Wu is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of Nightingale Security. He has 17 years of startup and corporate experience in product development and design. Jack joined eGroups as employee no 3. eGroups was subsequently acquired by Yahoo! in 2000.

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Expert Corner

20 takeways take on 2017

20 Takeaways to Take on 2017

Written by Scott Goldfine, Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher, Security Sales & Integration, Robolliance Expert

It’s that time of year when I zero in on the most important security developments that transpired the past 12 months. Whether you just fell from space with no industry knowledge or are a proactive participant, familiarity with the following topics will steer you toward 2017 security success. In random order, here are 20 key trends supported by paraphrased SSI news headlines.

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