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  • Balancing Optimism Critical Thinking of Security Robotics

    Glass Half Full – Balancing Optimism & Critical Thinking of Security Robotics

    Article written by Alice DiSanto, Director of Marketing, Sharp Robotics Business Development, Robolliance Expert

    A common expression of optimism - “The glass is half full.” – is also optimistic common ground for the security industry when it comes to the basic benefits of robotics. Suppliers of air, land and sea robots appear to be in full agreement when touting that this technology will liberate manpower of routine guarding tasks, characterized as repetitive, mundane and at times dangerous, so that people can shift their attention to more critical, intelligence-based work.

  • The Benefits of Using Success Stories Case Studies

    The Benefits of Using Success Stories & Case Studies to Demonstrate Capabilities of Products or Services

    Article written by Joseph Ricevuto, Managing Director at One to One Marketing, LLC., Robolliance Expert

    Companies need to highlight their products or services for customers and partners in ways that compel action. One of the challenges, that solution providers face today, is how to demonstrate their outstanding capabilities to others.

  • Patrol Robots Facing the Future

    Patrol Robots Facing the Future

    Article written by Jack Ives, CEO and Co-Founder of CyberExtruder, Robolliance Expert

    With the advent of face recognition, a new and more comprehensive set of rules can be added to the robot’s capabilities. The robot is no longer confined to coarse actions and reactions; the robot now has the ability to make granular decisions. The large block of moving pixels is now resolved as the face of the CEO and the robot can go about its business without interruption.

UGVs in Security and Surveillance
Unlike aerial drones or underwater robotics, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) operate on land and navigate without a human driver. UGVs maneuver on most types of terrain for surveillance and maintenance patrols. When it comes to security, UGVs can be equipped to assist and extend human capabilities to perform what is normally deemed dirty, dull and dangerous, leaving manpower to focus on the greater security risks facing society today.

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