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  • How is technology enabling reforestation

    How is technology enabling reforestation to tackle mass scale deforestation?

    Article written by John Wickes, Vice President at Wickes/arborists™, Robolliance Expert

    Industrial scale deforestation is on the rise. Forests across the world are being wiped off to fend the needs of corporations and individuals alike. Each stakeholder looks out for their own interest without realizing the devastating effects of mass scale deforestation on the ecosystem.

  • Talk Like a Robot

    Talk Like a Robot

    Article written by Margie Gurwin, founder and principal of Content Creation Partners LLC, Robolliance Expert

    As a content marketer, I make my living through words. So, it’s not surprising that when it comes to the world of robots, I am particularly interested in their ability to communicate. Advances in artificial intelligence, speech recognition and speech synthesis are making communications with robots much more lifelike and satisfying. These capabilities will be extremely important as robots begin to play a more significant role in providing security. For example, a security robot faced with a person in distress needs to be able to reliably understand what they’re saying, even if they’re speaking fast and frantically. So far, we’re not quite there.

  • A Show of Force

    A Show of Force

    Written by Scott Goldfine, Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher, Security Sales & IntegrationRobolliance Expert

    WOW. That is what I found myself actually uttering to myself with a grin as I hustled nonstop from one booth meeting (some were in show floor-adjacent rooms) to another during my breathless ISC West experience. During the first two days, traffic in the aisles was as thick as a Los Angeles freeway at rush hour and the frenzied flurry of activity within the exhibits brought to mind beehives at honey harvesting time. No question there was a serious buzz in the air, in part due to the first major inclusion of robotics.

UGVs in Security and Surveillance
Unlike aerial drones or underwater robotics, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) operate on land and navigate without a human driver. UGVs maneuver on most types of terrain for surveillance and maintenance patrols. When it comes to security, UGVs can be equipped to assist and extend human capabilities to perform what is normally deemed dirty, dull and dangerous, leaving manpower to focus on the greater security risks facing society today.

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